Vacationers post jolly drone video of animal harassment

Words fail – at first, anyway. Then near universal condemnation is unleashed upon the tourists who posted a video featuring their drone’s animal harassment of an Everglades alligator, and ensuing titillation when the craft is snapped out of the air and starts fuming inside the reptile’s maw.

Drone animal harassment 101: vacation video of alligator provoked into snatching the craft overhead

It’s not DroneDJ style to be negative or harping, but it’s really hard not to point out how this story manages to span several different time zones of stupidity and thoughtlessness. Based on various reports about the video, the group of tourists visiting Florida decided to use their drone to get a close-up of an alligator they’d spotted in the Everglades. That move, on its lonesome, was either ignorant or disdaining of the proliferating calls from wildlife officials around the world for pilots to avoid flying drones in any way that might constitute animal…