US legislators target DJI drones for extended Entity List exile- DroneDJ

A pair of US legislators is seeking to extend the operational and PR difficulties of drone giant DJI in the US with a letter to the Commerce Department in which they insist the company be kept on the restricted Entity List for a range of violations ­– including complicity in human rights abuses.

Bipartisan duo target DJI drones for extended Entity List status

The letter was released on Monday by Democratic Representative Jan Schakowsky of Illinois and her Republican peer Gus Bilirakis of Florida. In it, the duo uses remarkably pointed terms to condemn alleged DJI complicity with Chinese government surveillance and law enforcement excesses. As part of that, they claim the company’s “drones may have been used to perpetuate human rights abuses.” They also urge the Commerce Department to investigate DJI’s purportedly unfair US “drone pricing which has eroded the domestic manufacturing base.” 

As a result, the letter argues, the Commerce…