A person piloting a drone while the drone flies in the distance


Initially known for their military use, drones are now being used to capture the bird’s-eye view of sporting events, festivals, weddings, graduations, and so many other special occasions. When you’re taking photos or shooting video in a crowded or large space, there’s simply no selfie stick long enough to capture the entire scene in one shot. 

Viewing from above can show you inaccessible places in an entirely new perspective, though be careful around active volcanoes. When shopping, you’ll find a lot of different options out there, so we’ve narrowed them down to our favorite 15 drones. With discounts as steep as 69% off, you can really save with these limited-time offers through Nerdist

A drone in mid flight


Small, maneuverable, and customizable, this drone was designed for first-person viewing flight with incredible 720p instant video onboard and a self-stabilizing CPU. Reaching speeds of up to 45 MPH and capable of flips and inverted, upside-down flying, this is…


Source: nerdist.com