U.S. Forest Service press release:

There will be a community meeting in Somes Bar tonight, Sept. 1, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will
be held outside at Junction Elementary School. Representatives from Great Basin Team 3 and
the U.S. Forest Service will provide information and answer questions about the McCash Fire.
The meeting will be recorded and posted on the Six Rivers National Forest Facebook page.

Crews spent Monday working to secure the northern contingency line in the Independence Creek
area following Sunday’s firing operation. They mopped up the line, looking for hot spots and
extinguishing them from Johnson Hunting Grounds to the Independence Bridge. The mop up
operation carried over into night shift and will continue today.

Firefighters identified three spot fires north of the contingency line: one south of Tinkham Creek,
one near Bishop Creek and one west of Lick Creek. Crews on the ground, supported by water
drops from helicopters, worked throughout the day…


Source: lostcoastoutpost.com