XPeng Motors, one of a number of Chinese electric vehicle companies vying for market share and headline space, reportedly exhibited its Voyager X2 flying car at the Chengdu Auto Show on August 29 and announced that it was being tested in extreme environments and at high altitudes.

XPeng is better known for its ground-based electric vehicles, including the P7 which, when it was first unveiled back in early 2020, was lauded as offering all-electric range of up to 706-kilometres under the NEDC cycle – significantly more than Tesla’s entry-level Model 3 with its claimed 460-kilometre driving range.

Though only offered in China, its price started at RMB229,900 ($A50,150 converted) with its top of the range variant priced up to RMB349,000 ($A76,430 converted).

At the start of 2021, XPeng also unveiled a beta version of its highway autonomous driving solution, Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP), in a series of media road tests in the Hong Kong port city of Guangzhou.

But XPeng…


Source: thedriven.io