A2Z launches multitasking RDSX delivery drone

A2Z Drone Delivery has built an aircraft around its patented tethered freefall aerial delivery mechanism. The result is the RDSX commercial delivery drone, whose dual payload and elevated package drop system allow companies to increase mission efficiency while responding to consumer concerns about noise or privacy.

Speeding drone delivery, enhancing client comfort with freefall payload drops

The RDSX was developed as a means of allowing A2Z Drone Delivery to fly and operate its RDS1 drone delivery system within a single, in-house package. The company had previously supplied its tethered freefall mechanism to other delivery partners, notably when Coca-Cola flew its Coke with Coffee to customers in Georgia. With the RDSX, A2Z will permit clients to fly dual payloads of up to 2 kilograms each for round-trip missions of up to 18 kilometers. A single-drop payload configuration will extend that maximum range to 30 km.

The RDSX’s controlled-freefall delivery…