“A lot of things have changed, and the regulations will certainly help us,” he said.

Nayak is among thousands of drone pilots and hobbyist drone users whose hopes of flying and racing their drones have been rekindled with the implementation of India’s Drone Rules 2021.

The new rules announced last week gave enthusiasts such as Nayak several reasons to be happy. Drone racers, for one, typically assemble their drones. Unlike hobbyist or commercial drones, racing drones fly only a few feet above the ground, but at speeds of 120kmph or more. Ready-to-fly drones can also be bought from global vendors such as DJI and Parrot. Some, however , prefer to build their drones.

The top drone racers in India are usually students of robotics and engineering who prefer to assemble their drones. The new policy relaxes and even removes some of the hurdles they faced in pursuing those ambitions.


Source: news.google.com