Okay, then. September usually means the tech industry’s fall product launch season, and DJI plans to top our list with a possible product unveiling slated for September 8.

DJI has just teased this date on its social media channels with the phrase “Hi Five.” While many are wondering if the time has finally come for Phantom 5, we have a good reason to believe that this product will not be a drone.

Why? Because we already know from FCC listings that DJI OM 5 smartphone stabilizer is on the way.

It’s worth remembering that in addition to drones, DJI loves to design creative camera technology products. The Osmo Mobile line is DJI’s premium smartphone stabilizer range, which got rebranded to “OM” in 2020.

DJI OM 5: What we already know before launch

Portability and convenience take centerstage in DJI’s gimbals. In that respect, the one feature that we know for sure is coming to the latest version of the OM line is a built-in selfie pole.



Source: dronedj.com