SF startup using drones for better home protection from wildfires

It’s common knowledge that fires are now a recurring and increasingly frequent calamity in many states and countries around the world – California being particularly vulnerable. Mindful of that, a San Francisco startup is attracting customers and investors alike with its drone- and tech-based service to map homes as the first step in maximizing their protection from wildfires.

Using drones to protect homes from spiking wildfire threat

Founded a mere six months ago, Firemaps is a fast-moving, rapidly growing company that uses drones and satellite imagery to create maps of clients’ homes. Its computerized analyses of the structures and surrounding terrain then proposes a range of “hardening” improvements – that is, measures that protect houses should wildfire come near. How rapidly does Firemaps act? It can have an accurate property map completed –  down to the nearest centimeter – within 20 minutes of getting its drone aloft. Once potential…