Phoenix uses drone to find gas leak, limit risks to humans

It may not be as spectacular as an emergency rescue or as glittery as a light show, but it’s the kind of action in the sky that the world will be seeing more frequently. Last week, authorities in Phoenix flew a drone to locate a major gas leak, and used video from the craft to collect information on the fastest and safest way to repair the potentially explosive breach.

Phoenix provides example of expanding presence and influence of drones in everyday life

Officials from the Scottsdale Fire Department deployed the drone Friday in response to reports of a gas leak in the northern section of town – a sufficiently large-enough rupture to emit a loud, jet-like noise. Relatively quickly, pilots monitoring images zeroed in on a section of the fuel line, locating a large tear in a section of the six-inch main. Once the precise position and nature of the damage was ascertained, the craft was flown over the surrounding area to give authorities an idea of the safest way…