A new listing from DJI has hit the FCC database with the name DJI OM 5 – indicating that the release of Osmo Mobile 5, the latest smartphone gimbal from DJI, is imminent.

FCC filings, in our experience, pop up not long before the release date of a product. And while DJI has done the smart thing by requesting that the FCC keep the external and internal photos of the device confidential until it’s ready to hit the market, eagle-eyed Internet sleuths have managed to make out a key component in the new foldable phone stabilizer: a built-in selfie stick.

@OsitaLV, a trusted go-to source for DJI leaks, has even come up with a concept design of what this selfie pole could look like:

There’s no doubt that DJI would be packing in a ton of other improvements in the OM 5, but one look at all those gimbal extension pole sellers on Amazon is enough to tell you that a large number of users want their Osmo Mobile to have more height.

And unlike using an…


Source: dronedj.com