A2Z Delivery Drone Designed to Meet Consumer Concerns

A2Z delivery droneA2Z Drone Delivery’s New UAV Solves Consumer Concerns with Freefall Delivery

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

A2Z Drone Delivery, LLC, the developer of a tethered freefall drone delivery mechanism, announced today the launch of its RDSX commercial delivery UAV. The RDSX was developed in collaboration with a leading global logistics provider to be able to deliver dual payloads per flight, each weighing up to two kilograms on a round trip of up to 18 kilometers, alternatively able to be configured with a single tether to expand its range to 30 kilometers. The RDSX integrates A2Z Drone Delivery’s tethered freefall Rapid Delivery System, able to quickly and safely deliver payloads from altitudes of up to 150 feet. By maintaining its altitude throughout the delivery, the RDSX keeps spinning rotors far from people and property, mitigating consumer concerns with drone deliveries such as the potential for property damage, intrusive rotor noise, and privacy concerns, all while…