Electric AUV seeks to revolutionize seafloor mapping

With the Biden administration sounding serious about weening the US off fossil fuel consumption, the rapid development of sustainable energy production is becoming a major industrial challenge – and giant business opportunity. One Richmond, California-based company is looking to embrace both of those with a fully electric autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that can radically speed seafloor mapping necessary to construct offshore wind turbines.

Electric AUV can cut seafloor mapping mission time by 10

Marine drone startup Bedrock is confident its electronic AUV can provide enormous help in the US sustainable energy push by slashing the time needed for mapping to enable wind turbine construction. “Slashing” in this case meaning up to 10 times less. Bedrock’s small submarines can travel up to 56 miles off shore, and function at up to 1,000 feet under water. Those specs easily fall within the maximum 160-foot depths to which current offshore wind farm…