Walmart is commercializing its delivery platform to allow small-town shops to arrange local deliveries with the retail giant. The just-announced Walmart GoLocal platform will see the retailer offer its existing network of drones, autonomous vehicles, and market fulfillment centers to businesses across the United States.

GoLocal: A delivery as a service business line

Walmart’s push into home delivery services began three years ago, with the retailer accelerating the development of the service significantly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Today, Walmart offers express delivery services for more than 160,000 items, including groceries, everyday essentials, toys, and electronics. The retailer says it is able to reach nearly 70% of the US population from around 3,000 of its stores in less than 2 hours.

Now, given that Walmart has already worked hard to develop a reliable last-mile delivery program, it only makes sense for the retailer to monetize this…