The SEQURE SQ-001 is one of the most portable soldering iron at the moment. Its small size and battery-operated mode make it perfect for FPV pilots that like to repair their drones right on the flight field. In our SQ-001 review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this handy and great-quality small piece of tool.

A soldering iron is a must-have in your toolbox, whether you want to build, upgrade, or repair your drone. Without any question, soldering stations provide better performance and adjustability, but they are quite difficult to carry around and it occupies a lot of space. Instead, the SEQURE SQ-001 kit, with all the essential accessories, comes in a eyeglasses hardshell case and you can power it directly from your drone’s battery!

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When you are seriously into FPV racing, drone maintenance will be required quite often, regardless of how good of a pilot you are. After minor crashes, usually, you need to replace just a prop or…