Qualcomm’s 5G AI Drones Are Changing How We View Sports

Qualcomm Technologies unveiled the world’s first AI- and 5G-enabled drone last week, the Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform, whose far-reaching capabilities include transforming the way we view sports. Drones are permeating several areas of the industry, most notably in broadcasting but also with designs on aiding tactics, sanitation, security and maybe even officiating.

Qualcomm technology has powered NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on Mars as well as the Drone Racing League’s first 5G drone, which operated on T-Mobile’s network and flew over Iowa cornfields in conjunction with Major League Baseball’s Field of Dreams game last week.

Qualcomm’s GM of autonomous robotics, drones and intelligent machines, Dev Singh, recently spoke with SportTechie about the current and future use cases of drones in sports.

“AI is everywhere now: Everybody talks about AI, and AI is touching everybody’s life,” Singh says. “But we firmly believe that the combination of AI and 5G is the…