Los Alamos lab warns against drone no-fly violations

A friendly reminder to readers living or vacationing in New Mexico: Steer well clear of any nuclear research facilities you happen across. That is the unmistakable message coming from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is promising to smack down and confiscate any drones violating its off-limits airspace.

Los Alamos vows to take out drones violating airspace over the cradle of the US atomic firepower

On Monday, the birthplace of the US atom bomb stepped up to issue an unprecedented but pointed warning against uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) entering the area. Though it didn’t give details or numbers on apparently increasing violations, the Los Alamos lab did say more “(r)ecent unauthorized drone flights have been detected in this restricted airspace.” And to underline its unhappiness with ­and determination to halt those, it said officials will use the lab’s in-house anti-drone system to fell and impound errant craft.

“The drone flying public…