Ex-DJI engineer imports drone tech to make a swank hair dryer

It’s only fair to warn drone enthusiasts that this post isn’t about the craft as such. But if you admire DJI engineering, hate damp hair, and have a chunk of change you weren’t planning on using to buy a new drone, this brief blurb about a dryer may interest you.

DJI veteran uses drone insight and tech to produce a hair dryer deluxe

According to news reports, a former DJI vice president of research and development is using his drone experience to improve various consumer goods – including a tricked-out hair dryer. Those items say engineer Wang Mingyu has launched the Fresh & Clean Technology company to produce smarter, cleaner, and more efficient household items to rival high-end segment giants like Dyson and Panasonic. Presumably those will feature pricy, trendy, efficient gear that won’t sound like a swarm of mosquitos attacking.

Just how top-drawer is it? When it’s expected for introduction in Japan, the US and China next month Fresh &…