This $50 drone can be your new go-to for end-of-summer fun

Looking for something fun to do as the summer winds down and we wait for however the heck the Delta variant decides to dissipate? While some people have run out of ideas on how to preoccupy themselves these days, you’re an innovator of fun always looking for the next great adventure, right? Try out this SG107 Smart Drone with Carry Bag with your best pals and explore the world one flight at a time.

Okay pilots, co-pilots, and even flight attendants (but we promise you’ll get a turn on the controls too), here’s what you get with the SG107. Not just your run-of-the-mill flyer, this quadcopter has a six-axis gyroscope for easy handling and flying that takes off and comes back to you with one click. With a 360-degree 4K camera, you can easily snap whatever it is the neighborhood dogs do all day in a full, clear picture.

Anything you can think of that you may need an elevated view will come through crystal clear. The hold mode function can accurately lock altitude and flight position,…