SWAT Team Drones the BRINC Lemur

SWAT team drones, BRINC drones, Lemur One of the best parts of going to a large drone show like AUVSI Xponential is having the opportunity to look at the amazing technology on the exhibit floor – like the SWAT team drones produced by Las Vegas-based BRINC drones.

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BRINC Drones VP of Sales and Marketing Brett Kanda took the time to show me the new Lemur S: and I waylaid a BRINC customer walking by to get his view on why the Lemur is life-saving tech for SWAT teams.

The Lemur – and the Lemur S, soft-launched at AUVSI Xponential – is a drone decked out with features that make it ideal for the purpose.  It’s an indoor tactical system meant to search structures and keep public safety, first responders, and suspects safe. During a SWAT mission, the Lemur, equipped with a specialized glass breaker, is able to break a window and enter the building.  Once inside, the Lemur can explore (without GPS) room by room, providing both eyes…