New autonomous drone platform for 911 calls, first responders

Houston-based drone startup Paladin has spent the last three years living with first responders to build an autonomous system that runs itself, so that emergency personnel can focus on saving lives. Now, the company says it’s ready to unveil the system publicly and provide instant situational awareness to even more first responders across the United States.

Paladin’s offerings are divided into two products, focusing on drone hardware and software management alike. The first is Knighthawk, an autonomous, unlimited range drone purpose-built for first responders to deploy to 911 calls. The second product is called Watchtower, a streaming, autonomy, and equipment management platform that directly interfaces with and controls the Knighthawk.

Explains the company:

With a 90 second response time, unlimited range, and best-in-class flight times, our system is ready out of the box to deploy to 911 calls and provide instant situational awareness. We’re proud to be…