Watch incredible flying taxi manufacturing process [Video]

Ever wondered how flying taxis get made? EHang, a pioneer in passenger-grade drones and urban air mobility solutions, has released a behind-the-scenes video that shows off the company’s fully-operational flying taxi production facility in all its glory.

Now, we don’t know if EHang had plans to release this video all along, but it comes to us in the wake of “EHang Investor Day” getting canceled. The Chinese company had initially promised an in-person factory tour to investors on August 18. But when tightening COVID-19 restrictions made travel and gatherings unfeasible, EHang decided to keep its word through a virtual tour instead.

The EHang production facility is located in South China’s Yunfu city. It measures approximately 24,000 square meters in gross floor area, housing all major autonomous aerial vehicle production processes.

You can see the manufacturing of key components, a Computer Numerical Control processing center, a painting workshop, a…