Drones are being used to catch construction-site thieves

To many people, the pilfering of building areas is a quasi-victimless crime: goods are boosted, businesses file claims, insurance pays up. But that illegal activity costs affected companies hundreds of millions each year, which is why some are now relying on drones to patrol construction sites to battle thieves.

Building site theft costs businesses up to $1 billion annually

Use of drones to police construction sites against thieves is just getting started, but almost certain to take off, given the stakes involved. According to wide-ranging estimates, the cost of theft from building projects costs between $300 million to $1 billion per year. Goods stolen range from simple lumber to power tools to heavy-duty trucks, with the average loss per criminal hit being a painful $42,000. Just as bad, many items thieves prize most aren’t readily available in even specialized retail outlets, and can require weeks or months of work-impeding wait to be replaced.

Use of…