Drone flies contraband saws into a French jail

Another day, another drone attempt to illegally fly contraband into a jail somewhere on earth. This time the Big House involved was in the French city of Nîmes, where outside accomplices respected the inmate tradition of smuggling bar-cutting tools into the prison – this time using an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) instead of a cake.

Nîmes facility most recent target of drones flying contraband into jails

News of the failed drone flight of contraband into the Nîmes jail came from the UFAP-UNSA union representing guards at the facility. According to their communiqué this week, the UAV making the illicit delivery was neither intercepted nor otherwise thwarted in its mission, but simply crashed on its own. Employees at the facility found the conked-out craft in the northern yard of the prison on the morning of August 9. Splayed out beside it was a payload of wiring for cell phones, material for a water pipe, and several metal saw blades – all of which (it…