Can you use Mavic Mini’s battery in DJI Mini SE?

It’s no secret that the DJI Mini SE is old wine in a new bottle. DJI has packed the tech stack of the original Mavic Mini inside the shell of Mini 2 and relaunched the drone at a sub-$300 price to woo those looking for a reliable beginner’s drone. So, it stands to reason that one should be able to use Mavic Mini’s battery in Mini SE, right? Well, yes, but it may not be the best idea.

Technically, the Mavic Mini’s battery is compatible with the newly launched Mini SE. But it’s not recommended to use a battery from the yore with the special edition drone. And DJI gives not one but two reasons for that.

First, the power of the drone will decrease if you use old spares. And that’s because the outer body of the drone is not the only thing SE borrows from the Mini 2.

DJI Mini SE ships with a version of the new, improved intelligent flight battery that come with the Mini 2. These batteries have a capacity of 2250mAh. On the other hand, the battery on the…