New sensor seeks to protect drone GPS inflows

Aerospace giant Honeywell is teaming up with anti-jamming expert InfiniDome to develop a new drone sensor capable of enhancing GPS resiliency when signals are weak or experiencing blockages. The new tech, which is being designed for defense and commercial users alike, is expected to hit markets during the first semester of next year.

New tech to protect drone GPS reception, and safeguard navigation when signals are cut

In announcing their partnership, Honeywell and InfinDome said the new drone sensor will be more effective in protecting GPS communications than existing tech. They also promise it will be lighter than extant rivals, permitting better performance, larger payloads, and shorter mission times in the wide range of drones and platforms it can be used with. The product will aim to achieve two primary objectives: Protect and enhance GPS signal reception against intentional or structural interference; and assume safe and effective navigation when GPS feeds…