Good’oh, mate: Aussie pilots a banned drone around zoo’s lions

There are deeds that qualify as “drones for good,” and others that must sadly be cast as “drones for dumb.” It’s that latter group that a pilot in Australia joined after he decided to fly his drone in the lion enclosure of a Victoria zoo – then got uppity when ordered to stop.

Pilot violates zoo ban on drones, lies about it, then gets uppity

The lunkheaded flight was made in in Mansfield, a town about 120 miles northeast of Melbourne. Officials at the zoo noticed the pilot hovering his drone inside an enclosure near two rare African white lions. Though some, but certainly not all city, state, or national regulations may formally prohibit uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) use in or above zoos, the vast majority of those facilities have established internal rules banning the craft, and for obvious reasons. 

Which was the case in Mansfield, whose 16.5-foot walls securing the lions behind them are also intended to keep visitors – and any objects they…