‘Drone rescue video’ filmed by rescued video drone

One comes across a lot of compelling drone videos online, including some truly dramatic footage of real life-and-death emergency responses saving lives – leaving viewers marveling at the odds of the vehicle being in the right place at the right time to document it all. The current imagery turning heads that way is a drone video capturing the life-saving rescue of the very same drone shooting the action ­– which, for once, was anything but coincidental.

Drone video records rescue of videoing drone

The drone rescue video is now making the rounds on social media, and drawing lots of comments on Twitter and Reddit (where it appears to have initially turned up on the “next[effing]level” subreddit). Thus far, nothing about the trending “Drone captures perfect shot of its own rescue” film is known apart from the obvious, rather incredible sequence recorded in it. 

The 22-second segment is cut from an obviously longer file taken by the uncrewed…