Watch Boston Dynamics Atlas robots slay parkour [video]

Boston Dynamics’ humanoid bot, Atlas, continues to impress. A video dropped today shows two robots navigating a complex obstacle course like a boss. The bipedal bots run up a series of plywood panels, leap over gaps and a balanced beam, and even conduct perfectly synchronized backflips as if it were no big deal.

But their most human-inspired behavior comes after the completion of the parkour course – when one of the bots brushes off its shoulders while the other pumps its arm like a big-league pitcher after a game-ending strikeout.

Unlike the Hyundai-owned robotics company’s primetime commercial products – Spot, Stretch, and Pick – Atlas is a research platform designed to push the limits of whole-body mobility. We have seen it attempt parkour before. But this time, the perfectionism on display has gone up several notches.

This time, the robot is sensing and reacting to its environment. Which means the engineers are no longer preprogramming jumping…