This FPV cinematic drone video down a waterfall is spectacular

Fans of drone videos know Ellis van Jason as a master of the art, and a veritable wizard of cinematic first person view (FPV) flights. For any readers who missed it, DroneDJ is now shouting about an absolute cracker he has uploaded featuring a dizzying plunge down the world’s tallest waterfall.

FPV cinematic gem lifts drone videos to new heights

The winner last March of SkyPixel’s 2020 drone imagery award, Van Jason last month uploaded his jaw-dropping FPV cinematic video of footage taken over and around the jungles of Venezuela. The Switzerland-based pilot recently visited Venezuela’s Canaima National Park, and brought back his trademark spectacular footage that leaves viewer heads shaking in admiration and disbelief. The highlight of this 3:18 minute gift to the eyes is a headlong plummet down Angel Falls, a 3,121-foot vertigo-provoking voyage that not many other drone pilots on the planet could pull off.

“I just returned from a two-week expedition…