Spot mobility robot from the floor of XPONENTIAL 2021

spot robotAt today’s Xponential 2021 Keynote address in Atlanta, one speaker didn’t have to worry about COVID.  Spot®, the mobility robot from Boston Dynamics, had a place on the stage – accompanied by Boston Dynamics channel sales manager Tim Dykstra.

Spot has mobility like no robot you’ve seen before, and Dykstra explains that the company made a transition from wheeled or tracked robots to legged models for that reason.  “The world is a complex place,” Dystra said, “and largely developed for humans.”  Legged robots can better navigate that world – and Spot is proving it’s value far beyond video stardom.  “Spot has done an incredibly diverse set of applications since its release,” says Dykstra.  “Spot has done a lot of real work.”

At the keynote address, Spot walked down the central aisle of the exhibit hall, walked up the steps of the stage, and took a bow – and from the ease and flexibility that the Spot robot demonstrated, it’s clear that Boston…