Drones search for lost dog, finding her after nearly two weeks

To anyone who has ever loved and temporarily lost a pet, this tale will qualify for vaunted “drones for good” status. Nine excruciating days after a newlywed couple’s puppy disappeared along the coast of Cornwall in the UK, a group of helpful, hopeful drone pilots flying a volunteer search mission found the lost dog, just as their last battery was about to give out.

Rescue dog Lotty vanishes for days

That happy result of human kindness, determination, and aerial tech put to effective use occurred on August 10 near neighboring Cornish villages Cawsand and Kingsand. Nine days before, Lotty had suddenly bolted during a walk, then somehow avoided considerable efforts to find her until the drones flew their search mission to reunite the lost rescue dog with her masters. That outcome is sufficiently satisfying to reveal as a spoiler, especially given the anguish the owners experienced during the long, nerve-racking period of uncertainty over whether they’d…