If you need powerful digging equipment at your construction site, an excavator may be the first machine that comes to mind. These multi-taskers are available in all sizes and configurations to match different job requirements. As you weigh all the available options to choose an excavator for your application, don’t overlook one important factor: Are you better served by tracks or wheels? Here’s a quick look at the differences — and which type of excavator gets the edge in certain situations.

Advantage: tracks

  • Digging depth: Track excavators can dig more deeply than their comparably sized wheeled machines because they sit lower to the ground.
  • Traction: The combination of track and undercarriage design, heavier weight and a bigger footprint means track excavators typically provide better traction on slopes, loose soil and uneven terrain. They also tread more easily in soft or wet underfoot conditions than wheeled models.

Advantage: wheels

  • Speed: Not surprisingly,…


Source: www.forconstructionpros.com