Swoop Aero’s Kite: Next Level Air Logistics Platform

air logistics platformSwoop Aero brings Kite, their newest air logistics platform, to the USA for FAA Certification.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian Crosby

Swoop Aero, the Australian drone-powered logistics company has unveiled its most advanced aircraft, Kite™. Currently, the company is bringing Kite ™ to the USA for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification, which will propel drone logistics into new heights.

The Kite brings together learnings of operational and real-world experience from Swoop Aero’s ‘Kookaburra’— a previous model that has clocked upwards of 10,000 flights. The aircraft has been developed by Swoop Aero’s experienced team of Australian-based engineers to accommodate swift and sustainable manufacture and production requirements to scale effectively with the unique needs of impact-driven organisations across the world.

Able to travel up to 200km per hour, the Kite can operate across geographical ranges of more than 180 kilometres on a single battery charge with…