Visit Yanjin County with this drone tour of a skinny metropolis

Comedian Jonathan Winters used to joke about a mythical place named Kwaziland, a country only ten feet wide and eleven miles long. Its main exports are spaghetti and rope. Kwaziland may be fictional, but Yanjin County could easily flourish in the pasta and string trade. Take a drone tour of a skinny metropolis.

The city is squeezed between the Nanxi River and the mountains of Yunnan Province in China’s north west.  At places, it’s only 30 metres wide. But even at its most spacious, on one coast of the river it’s barely 300 metres between two sides of town. Good luck finding parking.

Drone pilot A-yuan took these wonderful drone shots of a city that’s barely wider than its main road.

As you might expect, the Nanxi is prone to flooding. So, many of the buildings are perched on concrete stilts. You have to be a special kind of person to call Yanjin home. And about 450,00 people do. The community’s been settled for…