This is a two-fold post. First, we wanted to point out an excellent CineWhoop fly-through that caught our attention on Instagram (along with an interview with the pilot). Second, we wanted to identify what’s becoming an increasing business trend in the world of drones.

For those who fly drones regularly, CineWhoop First-Person-View piloting isn’t new. But the niche has had some tremendous exposure this year, largely thanks to the immensely viral (and skillful) bowling alley video. Suddenly, a whole new audience become aware of the amazing potential for these videos.

And that includes their potential as marketing tools for commercial operations.

CineWhoop flights now a business

Think about it for a second: A CineWhoop flight can highlight multiple aspects of a business operation, particularly one that’s visually interesting. Well-planned flights can take us through the front doors of a shop, thus beginning a tour that’s both entertaining and…