Citadel Defense lands $6 million counter-drone deal

Counter-drone specialist Citadel Defense has scored another in a growing list of business successes by landing a $6 million contract through the US Department of Defense (DOD). The coup comes less than a month after the San Diego-based company signed a $4 million deal for a similar anti-drone system.

Citadel Defense racking up new clients for its counter-drone solutions

The new client – which, as in the previous case, has only been identified as a classified DOD customer – has signed on for Citadel Defense’s artificial intelligence-enhanced counter-drone system. It will be installed at sensitive government locations, and used by non-specialist military personnel and first responders. According to the company, the platform will autonomously detect, classify, track, and neutralize suspicious or hostile uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) using cutting-edge artificial intelligence capacities, machine learning, and sensor fusion.

The deal falls squarely within…