Why Autel CEO, Randall Warnas, is resigning after just 9 weeks on the job

Autel Robotics CEO Randall Warnas is leaving the drone company after about nine weeks on the job. Randall announced his resignation in a LinkedIn post on Thursday. He pointed to people around him having “unjust authority and no accountability” and noted that blatant nepotism and favoritism in the organization was undermining his ability to function in the role as needed.

Randall took on a leadership position at Autel on June 1 this year, after a long stint at FLIR Systems, a company that specializes in producing thermal imaging cameras and drone sensors. Before that, he was with DJI, helping the drone giant to push out its enterprise line in the US.

At the time of joining Autel, Randall had said his prime goal was to elevate drone technology:

I came to Autel because I feel like I have some of the most unique relationships in the drone industry. By interacting with all of those different entities, I’ve learned so much about what companies are doing right,…