This is how Perseverance rover looks from above: Can you spot it on Mars?

The Ingenuity helicopter, which is flying its way in the Jazero crater on Mars, has added a new dimension to interplanetary exploration. With its capability to accurately capture its surroundings, it has added to the growing knowledge of engineers and biologists about the crater and its mysterious floor.

The quadcopter during its latest flight managed to get a sneak peek on the Perseverance rover that delivered it on the Red Planet earlier in April this year. The helicopter is in its operations demonstration phase and recently concluded its 11th flight on Mars.

“Along with capturing the boulders, sand dunes, and rocky outcrops prevalent in the South Séítah region of Jezero Crater, a few of the images captured the Perseverance rover amid its first science campaign,” Nasa said in a statement as it released the image.

Ingenuity captured the Mars rover from about 1,600 feet away and from an altitude of 39 feet. Flight 11 was essentially designed to keep Ingenuity ahead of the rover,…