Nebraska to use drones for crash-scene investigation

The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) is launching a new drone program that will help to get the roads cleared faster after an accident, while still allowing NSP investigators to conduct a thorough crash investigation. NSP has bought 18 Autel EVO drones and is deploying 19 certified drone pilots in troop areas throughout the state for drone-based accident reconstruction and mapping.

NSP says its crash reconstruction investigators have completed the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 certification as drone operators. In addition to that training, they have also undergone one more level of training designed specifically to utilize drones for 3D mapping of crash scenes.

Colonel John Bolduc, superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol, explains that the drone program combines new technology with the expertise already possessed by NSP crash reconstruction investigators. Stressing that program is a major step for his team, Bolduc says:

The goal of this program…