We love to find fun drones out there, even if from manufacturers that are more focused on, say, camera rigs than on avionics. FreeFly Systems is one such manufacturer, they build high-end camera gimbals, some hand-held gimbals and, of course, a drone.

 Freefly Alta 8

Admittedly, a FreeFly drone is an expensive thing that few of us will purchase to fly at home. However, as far as a large and versatile camera rig goes, we have a serious contender on our hands.

What really sets FreeFly drones apart from most other machines on the market is their size. These are folding drones, but their folding size is still larger than some ‘big’ camera drones like the DJI Inspire 2. You can decide if that is a good thing or not for your needs.

Capacity is the name of the game, the Alta 8 is rated to get 40 lbs off the ground, that gives you about 26 lbs of payload. The puny Alta 6 only gives you 15 lbs of payload. If you are a DJI fan, the Matrice 600 Pro lifts about 13 lbs.

Finally, like few other flying…


Source: dronerush.com