Drones locating fresh water sources on Easter Island

Visitors to Easter Island have described an almost magical vibe emanating amid the mysterious, ocean-facing maoi statues erected by its original inhabitants. But located as it is about 2,000 miles from either Tahiti or Chile, it’s also a land of hardship – especially during recurring droughts. Now drones are seeking to alleviate that aridity by searching for fresh water sources.

Parched residents of ancient Easter Island get relief from water-mapping tech

The recruitment of tech-toting drones to hunt fresh water sources on Easter Island is another astonishing encounter of ancient and modern times. Rapa Nui, as it it’s also known, was first reached by Polynesian explorers as early as 800 BC, Once settled, their manner of working the land – including the construction and transportation of the nearly 1,000 maoi statues – eventually resulted in environmental collapse. That left the island treeless, while other vegetation still struggles to survive on porous…