drone manufacturing investment in drone companies

Skyfish M4

In the emerging sUAS industry, smaller drone manufacturing startups are up against large incumbents from the defense industry – and finding new ways to compete.

The following is a guest post by Pat Hume, CEO of Canvas GFX, thought leaders in visual communications.  DRONELIFE neither accepts nor makes payment for guest posts.

By Pat Hume, CEO of Canvas GFX

The drone industry is widely recognized as one of the most innovative sectors in tech today. With a combination of sci-fi appeal, eye-catching products, and huge breadth in addressable markets, drones have captured our imagination and become a symbol of the age. And with use-cases ranging from instant consumer gratification to protecting and saving lives, there are plenty of reasons why the drone market is forecast to be worth more than $43 billion globally in just a few years.

With so much innovation in the actual product, it is perhaps understandable that the operational innovation which is another hallmark of…


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