If you’re running a large warehouse, there’s a lot more to it than moving stock in and out. You have to track that stock as efficiently and accurately as possible. Now, we’re increasingly seeing the potential here for drones to play a role, saving employees from tedious (and even dangerous) work.

Think about it. You’re working in a massive warehouse where you’re tasked with keeping track of what is on the shelves. That’s no small task, and, obviously, the bigger the warehouse, the bigger the job. Some heavy stock can be stored very high on racks, meaning you’ve got to move a ladder around in order to scan.

Unless…a drone can do that work for you.

Autonomous drones in warehouse operations

We’ve seen this before, with companies like WARE using Skydio 2 drones to autonomously take stock. It’s pretty amazing to watch and a pretty cool use-case scenario. Here’s how WARE explains what it does:

Ware deploys self-flying drones inside…


Source: dronedj.com