For most, DJI is a trusted and respected name in the consumer drone market, they’re certainly one of the favorites around these parts. With more than a dozen flying devices in their stables, many of which equipped with 4K or higher video capture capabilities, it may be hard to keep them straight – we’re here today to explore the Phantom line of DJI drones.

As one of the most iconic drone designs around, the familiar tall landing gear, quadcopter frame at 350mm and white paint job now lives on several generations of the Phantom. Let’s see which is which in this Phantom drones comparison.

What is a Phantom drone?

The basics – what is a Phantom drone?

As I’ve mentioned, the Phantom line is not exactly new, the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is the latest consumer-class drone in the line, and it released back in May 2018. The fourth generation Phantom line has been flying since early 2016. The original DJI Phantom drone hit the market in January of 2013. You didn’t think…