The US Air Force is developing a new enemy drone weapon

The US Air Force considers its microwave-shooting weapon against large swarms of enemy drones so successful that it’s now doubling down to enhance it further. So in addition to its so-called THOR anti-drone system, the Air Force is out to develop an electronic, craft-smashing hammer to complete the thematic program.

Air Force Research Laboratory developing new generation anti-drone weapon to match its mighty THOR

Bids are out to all qualified organizations to join the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in producing a new-generation weapon to zap enemy drones. Its Directed Energy Directorate is seeking partners to help develop a counter-electronics weapon against hostile uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV). The objective for that program is to go beyond the high-powered microwave force of its Tactical High-Power Operational Responder – aka THOR.

“The new prototype will be called Mjolnir, after the mythical Norse god, Thor’s hammer,” said Amber…