How Emirates pulled off insane Burj Khalifa single-take drone ad

A new ad commercial from the UAE’s Emirates Airline has taken the internet by storm. It shows a cabin staff member in the iconic red Emirates hat and uniform, standing atop the tallest point of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Many have wondered if the nail-biting video was real or fake. So now, Emirates has released behind-the-scenes footage showing how this seemingly insane feat was made possible – and that too with a single drone!

The advertisement comes in the wake of the UK government moving the UAE onto its “amber” list for travel. This means that travelers arriving in the UK from Dubai no longer need to quarantine in a government-approved hotel.

To share the good news with its patrons, Emirates decided to release a 30-second video ad clip that opens with a close-up of the cabin crew holding up message boards in a nod to the famous scene in the 2003 cult hit Love Actually. As the camera pans out to reveal a panoramic view of the…