Drones and ground-based robots are starting to work together. When it comes to enterprise work, particularly industrial inspections and surveillance, you just can’t beat the combination when it comes to some applications. And so it’s both not surprising and pretty forward-thinking that DroneDeploy has acquired New Zealand-based robotic software company Rocos.

We already know that drones can do amazing work on the job site. Photogrammetry, surveying, volumetric calculations, and more. But there are some things they can’t do, like walk around the inside of a power plant – as just one example.

But as autonomy and automation continue to prove themselves as breakthrough technologies in multiple sectors, we’re starting to see companies begin to integrate ground-based robots with drones. To do that right, you need good software. And Rocos apparently is one of the leaders in this field.


We’ve covered DroneDeploy before, and recently had a…


Source: dronedj.com