Does drone footage of shark attack reveal wildlife harassment?

There’s a reason authorities in many countries are issuing new, stern warnings about not operating drones or other equipment around sea birds or animals. Cases of human harassment of wildlife are escalating, often with dramatic effects – as footage taken by a drone of a bull shark attack in Australia seems to demonstrate.

Humans love the fearful frissons that shark attacks provoke, making drone footage of the incidents too horribly compelling to resist (as well as favorite video bait for DroneDJ coverage). But the case of an August 7 strike off the coast of Australia seems to involve more than the usual vulnerable-human-meets-relentless-predator scenario. Indeed drone shots included in a breathless 7News TV report on a 10-foot bull shark going after a jet ski appears to indicate the creature was defending itself after being boxed in by what it considered a harassing pursuer.

The encounter occurred after a pair of friends spotted what turned out to be…