Our inbox was flooded this morning with news from partner retailers inside the USA announcing yet another sub-250 gram drone: the DJI Mini SE drone.

Mini SE is a modified entry level consumer drone based on the guts of the original Mavic Mini in the body of a Mavic 2. We think DJI created the Mini SE to get rid of the remaining Mavic Mini assemblies.

The Mini SE was given a soft-release earlier this year and was originally only available to select international markets. Release of the Mini SE follows on the heels of the Mini 2, a major upgrade from the Mini that added 4 key improvements incluiding 4K video, RAW photos, OcuSync 2.0. Level 5 Wind Resitance, and more pre-programmed QuickShots.

Mini SE is $100 less than the original Mavic Mini, but just about every feature is a downgrade from (better) existing models.

One feature in particular really stands out to us and that’s transmission stability. Mini SE uses a Wifi based signal between the controller and drone that gives up…


Source: dronereviewsandnews.com